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Welcome To Our Parish

We are a welcoming Catholic community committed to fostering growth in faith, love of God and discipleship.

To be a Christ-centred worshipping community committed to bringing others to the love of God through our actions and words.

Parish Groups & Our Parish Community

These groups aren’t just about maintaining our church and keeping the place looking good for everyone to enjoy, but it’s about learning and growing together as a community too. Our groups are packed full of practical skills to be used at church, home or work but there is always time for a cup of tea and a chat too of course.

Within our community we have many people who possess a wide range of unique gifts and talents which can be seen at work in our creative and musical groups. We are people that find passion in whatever we do whether it’s singing, knitting, flower arranging or getting handy with a power tool.  Come and join us to share the fun or perhaps learn a new skill.

As well as our more practical groups we also have some time set aside that is just about building our parish community.  Within our social groups and events there have been many great friendships built and new members are always very welcome to come along and join us whatever the occasion.  From our weekly social groups to an occasional afternoon tea, monthly family film & games nights to parish summer trips there is always something going on for everyone to enjoy all throughout the year.

Our Catholic Identity


The church recognises various times from our birth to our death in which we experience the love, support and strength of Jesus at work in our lives. Starting with our Baptism when we are welcomed into the faith community to receive the gift of God's unconditional love. Through a programme of preparation we hope to increase your understanding of what the church means when speaking of parents as the first teachers of their child in the ways of faith.

First Holy Communion

The initiation of children into church life is primarily the responsibility of Catholic parents. Our hope is that parents will form and gradually increase within their children a spirit of faith, and with the help of the school and our parish community to prepare them for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist

Becoming a Catholic

You may feel that that the time is right to develop your own spirituality or you may feel that there could be more you could learn and experience. We welcome you and would like to do all that we can to answer some of the questions that you might have about the Catholic Church and how you could find a place in the community of the Church.


Key moments in the lives of Catholic people are celebrated within the community of the Church. Sacraments are the sacred events and actions that allow us to see and experience the Spirit of Jesus at work in our lives, to nourish and strengthen us and call us to nourish each other across our local and global community.

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Social Justice plays a very important part in our community. Have a look at some of the causes we champion in our parish.....

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