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We pray for the Church: that we will continue to be instruments of Christ’s light for all who live in darkness, of hope for all who know pain, and of love for all who experience rejection.

We pray for the whole of humanity as we face the Covid-19 pandemic that through this time of crisis, we refine our sense of what is important and build a world rich in mercy, bright with care for the vulnerable, enlivened with an appreciation of the natural world and renewed by an awareness of the deeply spiritual nature of life and presence of the Risen Lord. 

We pray for all key workers that God will protect them and their families from harm, renew their strength and energy and help them to be instruments of healing and compassion.

We pray for those who have died or are suffering that they and all who have died in Christ may find in the heavenly kingdom.

Pray now for your own particular needs and the needs also of the people who love you most. Amen

Please light a virtual candle and add your own prayers requests and/or intentions in the comments section below.  (If you are requesting a prayer for a living person please ensure you have their permission.)

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52 thoughts on “Prayer Board

  1. Please light a candle for my daughter Emily currently unwell with Covid19, please prayer for a speedy recovery

  2. Please pray for Monica Burke,Lucy Rowland ,Sheila Mooney and Jimmy Kidd who have all died recently. Thank you.

  3. Please pray for Nancy & Lenny Haynes Mary Moran, and especially my daughter Tracey Anne ODonnell we will miss her every day xx

  4. Please pray for mr Terry, caroline macgregors dad who sadly passed away on the 1st may

  5. Posted on behalf of Kathleen Anderson

    Please pray for her deceased parents and sister,
    Catherine Wilson, Henry Wilson and Margaret Rose Bone
    Thank you

    1. Nana and Harry also my auntie Margret I think of you all everyday God bless you all R I P.

  6. Please pray for Phil Devlin, may our Lord lay his healing hands upon her, giving her peace and strength to get through these difficult times.
    Thank you

    1. Please pray to keep the parish safe and bring us all back together soon because we miss our friends and community so much thank you

  7. Please pray for Sarah who is ill, and for her family. As a mother too, I think especially of her mother.
    Thank you.

  8. Please pray for Linda Irving who is a member of the Thursday Club and is not well Thank you x

  9. I would like to offer prayers of thanks and gratitude to Fr John and everyone who has used their gifts and time to help us stay connected and spiritually fed through through these past months.
    I pray that we will all be patient and continue to support each other through these times of change.
    I am very grateful for our strong, caring parish community and look forward to seeing people again in a new way, mind I will miss the hugs 🤗
    God bless an be with each and every one of us and our extended families an communities as we face the months ahead 🙏.
    Thank you

  10. Please pray for those students facing exams this week. May the Holy Spirit remind them of all they have learned and inspire them always. Thank you.

  11. Please pray especially this week that the Lord will guide all those involved in a particular situation that it will be resolved in the best way possible. Thank you.

  12. Please pray for the Mam and sister of 15 year old Seesha Dack who died tragically yesterday.. Seesha went to St Aidan’s Primary School with my daughter Megan. Please keep Victoria and Sherrece in your prayers – Thank you

  13. Please pray for our government that they will keep the needs of people, planet and nature at the forefront of their minds as they navigate their way through trade talks with the European Union and the United States. Thank you.

  14. Please pray for 7 months old River who has recently been diagnosed with a rare cancer and will start chemo soon. Also pray for her parents brother and sisters and all her close family in Australia. May God give them the strength to cope at this stressful time. Love and God bless to you all

  15. please say a prayer for Tracey ODonnell on 23th October from Mam & Dad and all the family we all miss her smiling face very much.

  16. Please pray for Fred Moran who will be 90 on the 4th. He’s in Howdon Care Centre.
    He used to be in St Columba parish

    Thank you,

  17. Douglas Thompson his 3rd anniversary 26/11/17, my sister Elizabeth and my parents. I think of them every day.
    God Bless them

  18. Please pray for my mam Anne Lillford who is currently fighting pneumonia and COVID-19 at Cramlington critical care.x.

  19. I recently received a visit from two little elves who gave me a knitted star for my crib and a wonderful piece of Christmas cake. I offer a prayer for those who made these gifts and for the little elves that delivered them. May those who give receive an abundance of love, peace and joy this Christmas.

    1. My visit was from two Santas bearing similar gifts, and I too offer a prayer of thanks to all involved. Bless you all.

  20. Please pray for Maureen and Eileen who have departed from this world.Please pray for the craft club who brought much joy and in santa’s helper’s who delivered presents

  21. Please pray for my deceased sister Elizabeth Thompson 27th February would have been her birthday. She died
    On the 28th February aged 12 years. I think of her every day. R.I.P
    Thank you.

  22. Please pray for Joyce Burns who died on 2nd April. Please pray for comfort for her husband Bill and family.

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